engelse vlaggenDELTA - THE NEW CD OF PEKEL

We are on a journey through the region all four of us grew up. With this cd we would like to express our close connection with our river delta, The Delta. Theo is from a skipper’s family. Erno and Peter hail from Vlaardingen, famous for its herring fisheries. John's is from Rotterdam. His father worked some fifty years in the trade of shipping accessories. Not only includes the project of a musical but also a visual journey as the listener can scan QR codes that redirect to an internet site with movies.

Suddenly you enter our world of the Delta!

Walking amidst archaeological finds of the Delta of past millennia, on the “Maasvlakte” and experiencing how the river delta starts with one single raindrop. Experience sea sickness in “Hellevoetsluis” er be part of a lover’s quarrel on the banks in Rotterdam. Listen to a tearjerker on the “Plompe toren” (plump tower) in “Burghsluis”. Containers full of brassieres and drugs enter the country via our docks. The women, left behind, burst into tears and song. How a young fisherwoman loses her ship but not the catch. Homage to all the sailors and the ships on and below our great rivers. Pining for our beautiful town, Rotterdam. This cd tells it all.